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Judge Jeanine exposes Barack Obama’s petty attempt to derail Trump’s presidency by lying about Russian election hacking

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine expertly dissects Barack Obama’s politicize attempt to derail Trump’s presidency.

Judge Jeanine addresses the teleprompter president, Barack Obama, and his vial obsession (call it jealousy) with Russia …

“You’re obsessed with a Russian who at least is a Christian, who himself is obsessed with killing ISIS.

A Russian who has had his own problems with muslim terrorists, who told us twice about the Tsarnaev brother, the Boston bomber that your administration was too dumb to follow through on…with deadly consequences to Americans.

And even Hillary hates the Russians, and now wants to blame Russia for her loss…because she can’t believe that Americans can see through her lying, untrustworthy, money grubbing, non-charitable character.”

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