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John McCain insults Russian President Putin like never before in this “fake news” Face The Nation interview [Video]

Want to listen to fake news? Listen to the world’s greatest warmonger, John McCain, spew out his vitriol hate for Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At one point during the interview, McCain (always a statesman and diplomat) says this about Russian President Putin…

“Vladimir Putin is a thug, and a murderer, and a killer….and a KGB agent. He had Boris Nemtsov murdered in the shadow of the Kremlin. He is dismembered the Ukraine. He has now precision strikes by Russian aircraft on hospitals in Aleppo.”

Projection much Senator McCain?

The hypocrisy of McCain’s comments are rich. This comes from a Senator who has been deeply connected to neo-nazis in Ukraine during the Maidan coup, and has broken bread with ISIS leader Al Baghdadi…not to mention championing the Iraq war.

Let’s fix John McCain’s statement, and turn it form false news, to a real news…

“John McCain is a thug, and a murderer, and a killer….and a patsy to the MIC and Saudi Arabia. He worked with ISIS to destabilize Syria. He is dismembered the Ukraine. He has supported precision strikes by US aircraft on Syrian army positions at Deir ez-Zor in order to protect ISIS jihadists.”

That’s a statement of fact, as are the photos below. McCain’s video follows photos below.



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And America is being used. And at this moment America is attacking the free world. So America is the enemy now. Jews never existed…Mesopotamian Abraham and his children were not a new race.

The family Bauer from Germany is only one problem to solve 😉
Better start with their armies 😉

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