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John Kerry enters a parallel universe, says Russia and Syria should be ‘investigated for war crimes’

Talk about living in a parallel universe. John Kerry is going where no US Secretary of State or for that matter President of the United States should ever go, ever again…accusing another nation of war crimes.

But Kerry did go there in his latest statement, in what has become a full on western media demonisation of Russia and Syria, in a western play to save Al Qaeda in Aleppo at all costs.

Zerohedge reports

When making the statement, Kerry alleged that Syrian forces struck another hospital overnight, killing 20 people and wounding 100, adding that Russia and Syria owe the world “more than an explanation” about why they keep hitting hospitals and women and children.

“Russia and the regime owe the world more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals, medical facilities, children, women,” Kerry said after meeting with the French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Friday. “These are acts that beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes.”

Moscow has responded that Syrian jets, backed by the Russian air force, are targeting militants in East Aleppo after jihadist groups in control of the enclave there repeatedly violated the cessation of hostilities, according to Moscow and Damascus. UN estimates put the number of militants in East Aleppo between six and eight thousand, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, about half of whom belong to the terrorist organization Al-Nusra Front.

Russia being accused of war crimes for fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. Parallel universe indeed.

Perhaps Kerry should be reminded that it’s his United States that armed and funded Al Qaeda, who became Al Nusra, who became ISIS, who then was unleashed on Assad’s Syria to carry out America’s regime change plan.

Let’s not even bring up Yugoslavia, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine, Honduras, Libya…and yes Syria, where the US is operating illegally in the affairs of a sovereign nation. Russia is legally invited by the Syrian government to intervene.

I can go on and on, and beat a dead horse (no pun intended toward John Kerry)…but at this point, anyone with half a brain knows who the real people committing war crimes are.

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