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Johh McAfee’s FOUR cyber security FACTS that blow apart “fake news” lie that Russia hacked the US elections

Cyber security expert, and tech legend, John McAfee went on RT America to discuss evidence in the report which foolishly pointed to Russian involvement in the Wikileaks Clinton/Podesta email dump.

McAfee is clear in his assessment…the report clears Moscow of any of the allegations hurled at it from the US deep state and the outgoing POTUS.

Here is the man who founded McAfee Anti-Virus Software, explain in simple terms, how the Russian hacking story is one complete US intelligence-Barack Obama lie…

“I’m going to be very frank with you and the American public. I think that today the most deceptive propaganda to date was perpetrated on the American public. The data that was presented, the evidence, was called from a thing called the Grizzly step report put together jointly by Homeland Security and the FBI. In there are four facts which they claim prove that Russia did the attack. It was utter nonsense.”

McAfee’s four facts, summarized (courtesy President 45 Donald Trump blog)…

  1. The malware contained Russian language. The Russians are more sophisticated than to leave those fingerprints.
  2. A Cyrillic keyboard was used. Again, the Russians would’ve hidden their tracks by using readily available keyboards from elsewhere say China.
  3. The compiler’s date and time stamp were accepted as accurate even though a seventh grader would be able to change both to throw off investigators.
  4. The IP address pointed to a Russian address.

If Russia was intent on being blamed for the hacks by so amateurishly leaving their fingerprints everywhere why did they go through the bother of using Wikileaks to disseminate the information?

McAfee makes it simple for everyone to understand that this entire hacking “fake news” is simply anti-Russian propaganda crafted by US intelligence, in cooperation with Barack Obama…

“If the CIA wanted to hack Russia the things you would not do is you would not include the English language in your software because that would then exclude everybody except english-speaking nations.

You would certainly not use a keyboard that everybody knows that the CIA uses whatever keyboard they use. You would have them use a Chinese keyboard or something else.

You would certainly remove the date and time stamp from the program so that you couldn’t tell what business hours of what [time] zone you were in when it was compiled.

And that before, you would absolutely not have an IP address that points to you.”

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