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Jodie Foster leads anti-Trump protest ahead of Oscars. Her $11.7M mansion is home to how many refugees?

Oscar award winning actress Jodie Foster addressed a crowd of hollywood’s finest at talent agency UTA’s “United Voices” event in protest of President Trump.

Industry pros, entertainers and civilians gathered for the anti-Trump, pro-immigration rally outside United Talent Agency’s Beverly Hills headquarters.

Oscar-winner Jodie Foster was one of the featured speakers protesting the Trump administration’s immigration policies, telling the crowd that “it’s time to engage.”

“As the very, very dead Frederick Douglass one said, ‘Anytime is a good time for illumination,’”

“And this is the time for illumination. I believe this time is filled with light.”

We are certain that the Beverly Hills community has done its part to help refugees and immigrants, using its vast wealth and community resources to provide shelter, food, jobs and education to the thousands of Syrian, Libyan, and Iraqi refugees fleeing American democracy bombs.

Jodie Foster has an estimated net worth of $100 million, and lives in a $11.7 million Beverly Hills mansion. She currently has ZERO refugees or migrants living with her in her vast estate.

Foster home

The film industry is faithfully serving the globalist mega-corporations that pay them the big bucks in an all out effort to stop Trump’s “America first” agenda, which aims at derailing the neo-liberal world order that Obama and Hillary helped build.

The Warp reports

UTA canceled its annual Oscars bash and organized the event after Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily banning immigration from several majority-Muslim nations. The ban was repeatedly halted by Federal courts and the administration eventually abandoned it. Trump is expected to unveil another executive order on immigration some time next week.

Among those present were Rodrigo Moran and Meron Semedar from the advocacy group Refugee Nation. The duo were invited to attend by UTA, and carried with them a large orange flag designed by a Syrian refugee named Yara Said. Said, said Moran, based the flag on the life vest she wore while escaping from the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.

“I’m here to hopefully lend some credence to the notion that Donald Trump doesn’t represent all of America,” said commercial photographer August Gering. “Hopefully, the majority of this country strongly disagrees with the things he’s trying to do, and we won’t stand for it.”

“Outlander” star Sam Heughan was also on hand, telling TheWrap. “We’re just here, not to bash anyone.” Europe, he said, wants “the best for this glorious country. America’s such a great country, we look up to you guys and we know you’ll do the right thing.”

By its conclusion, an estimated two thousand people attended the event, according to Beverly Hills PD.

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