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Jimmy Dore: ‘Hillary Clinton can’t wait for war, trying to make us afraid of Russia instead of working with Russia’ [Video]

Jimmy Dore is a comedian and a frequent panel member on progressive liberal channel The Young Turks, which makes this video called, “The New McCarthyism Is Happening And Neoliberals Are Doing It” a must watch.

It starts slow, with a discussion on what is red-baiting and what is McCarthyism, but then really picks up steam at the 2:20 mark.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down with an honesty you will never find from any main stream media channel, and proves that unlike the many fake liberals and progressive looking for war, Jimmy Dore proves to be a true progressive looking for peaceful “progress”, which is a progressive movement I can also get behind.

I usually try to post and highlight some relevant portions of a video into the fabric of the story, but Jimmy’s video comment is so good, all of it, that all I can say is listen once, listen twice and understand what’s at stake during these US elections.

Hillary and her establishment cohorts are tying Trump to Russia in ways reminiscent of McCarthyism. Given her record of bloodlust warhawkism, there is good reason to be more afraid of Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

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