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Jimmy Dore DEMOLISHES Trump’s imminent attack on Syria, as US goes to war in support of Al Qaeda (Video)

Trump Vows Syria Retaliation WITHOUT Investigation.

Despite no conclusive evidence, the US has declared a 24-48 hour window to attack Syria.

Here is the anti-war movement building on YouTube and one lone Fox News host:

An amazing Paul Joseph Watson video exposed the false flag Syrian chemical weapons hoax.

Stephan Molyneux exposed the clear motivations behind the latest Syrian chemical weapons hoax pushing Trump towards war with Syria, Iran and Russia.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson completely blew up the entire Syrian chemical weapons false flag with what can only be described as a stunning and heroic call to avoid a devastating war.

Jimmy Dore states, in his plea for some sanity in Syria, that the warmongers appear to have Trump by the balls.

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