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Jill Stein to Bloomberg, ‘Hillary Clinton’s agenda is a record of bombing families and children around the world’ [Video]

The Green Party’s Jill Stein urges American citizens to “not throw your vote away on a failed two party system.”

Stein is aiming to reach a 5% threshold in voting results as it will provide matching funds for the 2020 election and automatic ballot status.

Stein opened the interview with this summation of the current US elections…

“The American people are hungrier than ever for a politics of integrity.”

“Hillary Clinton is the queen of corruption and Donald Trump is a walking scandal.”

Stein closes the interview by answering this question from the pro-Hillary host, who predictably plays the woman president card, trying to shame Stein for standing in the way of Hillary’s coronation…

“Dr. Stein, do you feel in any way that you would be a setback if– do you feel like you are an impediment to the first women being elected president?”

Jill Stein: “The great advantage in this race, and you can say the inconvenient truth, is that people actually have a choice to vote for a woman who is not a militarist, an imperialist, and a corporatist…and who actually supports an agenda for women.”

Stein said, if you actually look at Hillary Clinton’s agenda you will see a record of “depressing the miserable poverty wages in Haiti, and bombing other families and children around the world. This is not an agenda for women.”

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