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James Woods Suspended From Twitter Over Satirical Meme That Could “Impact An Election”

Via Zerohedge

Outspoken conservative actor James Woods was suspended from posting to Twitter over a two-month-old satirical meme which very clearly parodies a Democratic advertisement campaign. While the actor’s tweets are still visible, he is unable to post new content.

The offending tweet from July 20, features three millennial-aged men with “nu-male smiles” and text that reads “We’re making a Woman’s Vote Worth more by staying home.” Above it, Woods writes “Pretty scary that there is a distinct possibility this could be real. Not likely, but in this day and age of absolute liberal insanity, it is at least possible.”

According to screenshots provided by an associate of Woods’, Twitter directed the actor to delete the post on the grounds that it contained “text and imagery that has the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election.

In other words, James Woods, who has approximately 1.72 million followers, was suspended because liberals who don’t identify as women might actually take the meme seriously and not vote. 

In a statement released through associate Sara Miller, Woods said “You are a coward, @Jack,” referring to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. “There is no free speech for Conservatives on @Twitter.

Earlier this month, Woods opined on the mass-platform ban of Alex Jones, tweeting: ““I’ve never read Alex Jones nor watched any of his video presence on the internet. A friend told me he was an extremist. Believe me that I know nothing about him. That said, I think banning him from the internet is a slippery slope. This is the beginning of real fascism. Trust me.”

Nu-males everywhere non-threateningly smirk at Woods’ bad fortune…

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Cat Pillar
Cat Pillar
September 23, 2018

“In other words, James Woods, who has approximately 1.72 million followers, was suspended because liberals who don’t identify as women might actually take the meme seriously and not vote.”
IOW, Twitter banned Woods —- because American men are stupid?

Richard Steven Hack
Richard Steven Hack
September 23, 2018

There’s no question that there is pro-liberal – or to be more precise, pro-government power – bias in the major social media platforms. Facebook is using the Atlantic Council to censor its content, for Christ’s sakes. What more does one need to know? Remember that the CIA assisted in the creation of Google – which owns Youtube and has been clearly exposed as helping Clinton in the election – and also assisted in the creation of Facebook. I’m sure if we look we’ll see connections to Twitter as well. In any event, all of these platforms are aware of their… Read more »

john vieira
September 23, 2018

Bias??? These buffoons are so biased, one sided, tunnel visioned, brown nosed, control freaks – supportive of their control freaks that to anyone with quarter brain intact they come across as retarded idiots….

Cheryl Brandon
Cheryl Brandon
September 23, 2018

And, here is me thinking that, I am alone in being blocked out of twitter for telling some truths about the brutal Israhelli Regime as they try to kill every last Paletsinians living in Occupied Palestine.Twitter wants to keep supporting terrorists and neo liberal brutality in the ME.

Flying Gabriel
Flying Gabriel
September 24, 2018

I’m here because of the Streisand effect. Does have a self-destruct mode or something? – he doesn’t appear very smart.

Cheryl Brandon
Cheryl Brandon
September 25, 2018

You should feel very proud of being censored on behalf of the government by twitter; That means, you have said something important.They only tolerate fake news of the globalist variety;hahaha

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