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James Comey testifies, “high confidence” Russia interfered in US election (Video)

Article first appeared on RussiaFeed.

Former FBI director James Comey once again cannot say with certainty that Russia interfered in the US elections, opting to say that it is with “high confidence” that Russia interfered in US elections with “sophistication”…but once again no evidence is presented.

Comey said during the testimony that he had “no doubt” that Russian hackers with the knowledge of the government interfered in the US election…though no specifics were given as to what the government interference was.

Comey noted said that he is confident that no votes in the 2016 US presidential election had changed as a result of alleged Russian actions. When asked if he was confident no votes in the 2016 election were altered, Comey replied…

“I’m confident. When I left as [FBI] director, I had seen no indication of that whatsoever.”

James Comey said that many reports on the Russia investigation based on classified information were “dead wrong.”

The former FBI director claimed that the FBI became aware of alleged Russian cyber intrusion in late summer of 2015, and that the Barack Obama had been notified of the situation.

Comey claimed that Russia targeted hundreds of US entities. Comey told the US Senate Intelligence Committee…

“It was a massive effort to target government agencies and nonprofits.”

“It was hundreds, it could be more than a thousand, but at least hundreds of entities were targeted.”

Russia has denied allegations it meddled in the US election.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said Moscow did not have official contacts with Trump’s team during the presidential campaign.

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