Is Russia really an enemy to the United States? (Video)

Exploring why Russia is viewed as an adversary to the USA.

Moscow based journalist Jeffrey Taylor and Paul Jay challenge the underlying assumption of the furor in Washington, that Russia is the enemy of the American people…

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Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones

Hi Marc – really good to hear from you – thanks for your comment. I get the strong impression of the US as being an asylum about to explode – and I feel constantly for all the good people like yourself, forced to live in it, and often with few or no like minded souls around to reach out to for comfort in the dark cold wasteland of no-mind. It’s getting beyond insane, but I dont care about the “talking heads”. The worry I have, that I cant quite get a handle on, is to what extent is it “mirrored… Read more »

Marc Leif
Marc Leif

Your last paragraph was quite moving. Yes, people of like mind are, indeed, the best kind of friend. And it is truly unsettling when people you believe are well intentioned turn out to be something else. I had an incident happen to me some weeks ago. I’m not sure if I recounted it in any comments. At a benign social event, I saw an acquaintance from some years earlier. She had been a working colleague and at one time, years ago, we were rather close. Recently, we had seen each other at another social engagement. She was seated and as… Read more »

Isabella Jones
Isabella Jones

Please don’t apologise for the length of your comment Marc. As you must have noticed, mine are often pretty long sometimes too. You just say what you feel you have to, and it takes what it takes. I’m really sorry for the horrible shock you must felt from that womans’ unbalanced reaction. It’s an awful thing, to have to come face to face with the depravity of mind that lives so closely around you. it’s one thing to be able to flick the swamp droplets from your arm – it’s another to be drowning in it. I have noticed the… Read more »

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