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Is Europe ready to pay for the US military adventure?

Soon there will be a year when the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles ceased to exist. The year that the dangerous and hypocritical lie of the United States about European security lost its meaning. Why does Washington continue to hide the truth about its weapons?

Before answering this question, we must pay tribute to the ingenuity of the US administration. They could not just create powerful weapons under the guise of a defensive system. This weapon was also able to impose on the countries of Europe. Since 2016, the Aegis missile system has been located at the military base in the Romanian Devesela. Soon, similar weapons will appear in Poland. Officially, these systems are designed to ensure European security. And here the first contradictions arise.

Aegis appeared in Romania in order to counter Iranian missile attacks. Iran’s armament alone does not have missiles whose range would explain the need for Washington’s measures. The explanation lies in the technical specifications of Aegis itself. The system is equipped with MK-41 universal launchers, which can be used to charge both anti-missiles and Tomahawk missiles. The corresponding tests took place on August 19, 2019 on the island of San Nicholas off the coast of California, that is, 16 days after the US left the INF Treaty.

It is obvious that at that moment the United States showed its ability to exist in realities without agreement. But they also revealed that for years in Europe there were strike complexes capable of launching missiles with a flight range of up to 2.5 thousand kilometers. Against this background, former Pentagon employee Abraham Denmark reiterated alarming assumptions that missile defense systems deployed in Romania and Poland could be used to strike strategic targets in Russia.

Of course, the INF Treaty is no longer there, and it may seem that the United States does not make sense to continue its hypocritical adventure. Hands are untied. You can demonstrate your power in all. If you could not hold accountable before, then who will do it now? Only a lie has not lost its meaning at all. Quite the contrary.

Russia is actively creating weapons that even the United States is concerned about. And Russia does not like placing shock systems at its borders that pose a real threat. To officially recognize the offensive capabilities of the Aegis complexes is to give Moscow the opportunity to deliver even a preemptive strike. European governments are wonderfully aware of the problem, so they are in no hurry to agree to the deployment of offensive weapons. Even more rigid in this regard is the position of the public. In such circumstances, the United States is simply forced to use a lie to avoid wide publicity, public protests and official demarches. The strict secrecy of the existing bases in Romania and Poland just allows us to realize our plan.

The problem is that such measures do not relieve international tension, and given the termination of the INF Treaty, the threat only increases. Stating the need to protect Europeans, the United States made them a potential target. How to get out of this situation?

Now in the world there is a well-known Open Skies Treaty, which allows countries to conduct observation flights in order to control military activities. Specifically, it serves to build trust between states. Such a concept could be applied to American military installations in Europe. Providing international observers, including Russian ones, with access to them would be a reliable guarantee that Aegis systems are used for their intended purpose. Unfortunately, the implementation of such an idea is almost impossible. But just the opposite can be confirmed. Therefore, the implementation of such an idea is practically impossible. In addition, it is difficult to imagine that European politicians dare to demand this from Trump. They are ready to coexist with a threat that could lead to disaster. When it happens, much will become clear, but there will be no turning back.

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Olivia Kroth
March 6, 2020

I guess Europe does not really have a choice since it is occupied country, a sort of overseas colony of the USA to be exploited financially and economically at random. If Europeans do not want to pay, they will get their arms twisted.

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
March 6, 2020

I greatly admire Russia’s patience and statesmanship but with all that the psychopathic US government is during with these ‘defensive’ systems near Russia’s borders I keep waiting for them to have their own Cuba missile crisis moment. Russia should do one of two things: (1) With Cuba’s permission set up a base and place similar ‘defensive’ systems there. Ideally it would be best if it was a joint Russian / Chinese base. They both may as well take it to the provocateurs and return their ‘favors’. (2) Explain to both Poland & Romania that these duel systems are unacceptable to… Read more »

Mario G
Mario G
March 6, 2020

Romania is a good choice for the Aegis system in the event of a Russian counter strike ,most everything and everyone of value has long since left and only Gypsies and street dogs remain. Its destruction would not be noticed by anyone.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Mario G
March 7, 2020

An additional bonus: the gypsies will rob the US Americans in Romania. Wonderlful!

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