Inside the Syrian Arab Army: why they fight and what they fight for

I don’t know if it’s thoughtlessness, stupidity or perversion or a combination that propels many in the established media and beyond to accuse the Syrian Government and the Syrian Arab Army of crimes against humanity, against their own people no less. Those who truly believe Assad is capable of murdering his own civilians are either stupid, perverse or completely detached from reality and the human condition. Just why would Assad do that? Why are the men and women of Syria sacrificing their lives to fight against terrorism if they were to truly believe their President is a war criminal?

The truth is they don’t.  One might say with confidence that the majority, if not all of the members of the Syrian Arab Army love their President, and they love their country and want it to remain united and secular.  To deny their sacrifices, is to deny reality which only adds insult to injury. It is inhumane.

It is not common for leaders to commit genocide against their own. Pol Pot, Hitler and Mao are the best of the few examples in modern history of leaders who wantonly killed their own people on a mass scale. All of them killed for ideology and political gain and were, in a way by their own admission fanatics.

The truth is, the brave men and women of Syria who are fighting Western, Saudi, Israeli, Turkish and Qatari funded and armed Salafist extremists are not only sacrificing their lives, but the lives and well-being of their loved ones.

I have spoken to a number of individuals from the Syrian armed forces whose identity I shall conceal for their protection. It is clear that most of the Syrian army personnel are civilians and educated ones at that – doctors, engineers, pharmacists and so on. Many of them had to quit their jobs, leave their young families to fend for themselves as they went and fought.  Many have been killed, and more have suffered irreparable injuries.

The conditions in some camps are bad. One officer told me how he lost 45 kilos during a four month terrorist siege. Another told me how he watched his friends being killed by terrorists while he, starved and injured jumped in the Euphrates River along with a few others and were rescued by a group of Bedouins. This is just one grim example of what these brave warriors go through on a daily basis. One of their younger, educated members said to me, “There are no happy stories in war” when I asked if he would like to share a positive experience.

There is constant interruption of electricity in camps and no heating. Food is scarce, often all they can find is a potato or an egg to get them through the day. Some only receive as little as $75 per month from the government. They receive online threats of violence against them and their families from terrorists who hack their profiles.

Yet, nobody I spoke to ever considered leaving Syria.

Assad has zero reason to kill innocent children as falsely reported by the mainstream media and the ‘moderate’ head-choppers; after all the majority of his people love him and want him to stay. He is not by any objective standard a fanatic. His ideology is one based on pragmatism and Pan-Arabism as I wrote here previously. The demonization of Assad may well be remembered as the biggest, most deranged and profoundly vile propaganda scam in the history of Western Imperialism.

Bashar al-Assad and the brave Syrian Arab Army deserve only compassion and admiration. Those who wrongly condemn them deserve only retribution.

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