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Inexperienced 24-year-old hottie becomes minister in Ukraine

Just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse for Ukraine – Europe’s most corruption-riddled and impoverished banana republic, which by the way is still going at full throttle towards a socio-economic catastrophe and ‘failed state’ status, – the bankrupt and russophobic regime in Kiev has once again managed to successfully disgrace the country in front of the entire world.

And no, I’m not talking about the yet another fistfight in Ukraine’s parliament, or the debacle surrounding the former Odessa governor/wanted criminal Mikhail Saakashvili, or even Ukraine’s embarrassing difficulties with hosting the 2017 Eurovision song contest. Don’t get me wrong – all of these things are very recent, and without a doubt, immensely degrading for the people of Ukraine.

However, even when combined, the aforementioned failures don’t amount to the kind of utter incompetence which was revealed this week with the appointment of a 24-year-old Ukranian hottie Anastasia Deeva to the high-level post of Deputy Interior Minister for EU Integration.

The appointment was made in almost total secrecy, without any official announcements or statements to the media, which is uncommon for such high-level positions. In fact, it would have gone entirely unnoticed if some bloggers and politicians didn’t accidentally stumble upon a related statement on the ministry’s website.

As details surfaced, it became clear that Deeva was appointed with disregard for existing procedures and requirements. No public competition or vacancy for her position was ever announced, and her appointment never discussed within the government.

What do we know about her? Well…a few things. We know that she had previously served as one of Arsen Avakov’s (Interior Minister) advisers. We know that prior to that she worked as an assistant in the Party of Regions of the deposed president Viktor Yanukovych. And last but not least, – we know that she liked to post naked pictures of herself on social media sites.

Britain’s Daily Mail reports:

Ukraine’s bid to join the EU took a new twist today when semi-naked pictures of the country’s new deputy interior minister in charge of European integration were revealed.

British-educated Anastasia Deeva, 24, was already under fierce attack in Kiev for being too young for the job, and to have been appointed without proper vetting – which her boss [Arsen Avakov] dismissed as ‘bigotry’ and ‘ageist’.

Ukraine’s deputy speaker Irina Gerashchenko said that Deeva was appointed ‘without any competition’ and her official CV contains ‘wrong data’.

Journalist Konstantin Stogny wrote: ‘I’m terribly sorry…but is this really the next head of the law enforcement agency (Interior Ministry) in Ukraine?

She has also faced criticism for her expensive taste in Western clothes brands.

Deeva’s appointment is clearly a spit in the face of the Ukranian people, who have been cruelly deceived by the Maidan…twice. But it is also a loogie launched right at the feet of EU officials, who will now have to deal with this character in a professional capacity. image_2

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