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In memoriam of the 92 victims of the Tu-154 plane crash (VIDEO)

Journalists, charity workers, much of the Alexandrov Choir, their musicians and dancers, and the beloved Dr. Elizaveta Glinka were among the departed. The Duran’s Adam Garrie wrote on the significance the loss had on the world and to him personally.

The montage I created below is in memoriam of these young, talented humans, who touched so many of us over the decades, entertained us, helped the needy in war-torn countries, cared for orphans in Ukraine and Russia, and who ultimately left this temporal existence much too soon.

The Head of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov said of Dr. Liza Glinka:

“Dr. Lisa was the darling of all hearts for one simple reason. For many years, almost every day, she provided palliative medical care, feeding the homeless, giving them shelter and clothes. She took the sick and injured children from Donbass under a hail of bullets, so that they could get help in the best hospitals in Moscow and St Petersburg. She organized a shelter for children with amputated limbs, where they can undergo rehabilitation after treatment in hospital.”

“To save the lives of others – this was her mission everywhere: in Russia, Donbass, Syria…”

We never know whether we come back alive, because war is hell on earth…

Memory eternal to the victims of the Tu-154 plane crash and may God grant them the Kingdom of Heaven.

The accompanied music is from the Russian Orthodox requiem hymn titled ‘Memory Eternal’ (Vechnaya Pamyat) by renowned Russian composer Pavel Chesnokov, Requiem №2, Op.39.

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