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“I Am A Muslim Too” rally in NYC fills the streets with “calls to prayer” coupled with Trump bashing [Video]

Muslims and Muslim sympathizers who are protesting President Trump in New York’s Times Square, were witness to a loud Arab call to prayer (adhan).

What any of this has to do with President Trump is beyond the realm of logic…but once triggered, it’s very difficult to reason with liberal left fanatics.

The latest protest is part of the “I Am A Muslim Too” rally. There is a hashtag for it as well, but f*** it you get the picture. We are tired of these SJW, snowflake protestors, who really have no idea what they are protesting.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Chelsea Clinton boasted about being there with her daughter, Charlotte. Hamas darling, Linda Sarsour was also there spreading hysteria and propaganda about President Donald Trump.

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