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Huma Abedin invites disgraced pervert Anthony Weiner back home

Hillary Clinton top aide and former BFF,  Huma Abedin has invited her admitted sex offender husband, Anthony Weiner back home again.

Abedin filed for divorce earlier this month, the same day the disgraced ex-congressman pleaded guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl.

Sources tell The NY Post that Abedin has had a change of heart and has since renewed the lease on their pricey Union Square duplex — and invited back home the man who has repeatedly heaped humiliation upon her.

The sext-crazed pol, who had been sleeping on his mother’s couch in Park Slope, was to move out Tuesday, a source said.

“He was supposed to move,” the building source explained. “But they just signed for another year.”

Another source said, “She still hasn’t served him with the divorce papers.”

Weiner, who will have to register as a sex offender as part the plea deal with the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office, was spotted Tuesday at about 9 a.m. strolling out of the building with his and Abedin’s 5-year-old son.

A pal of the couple said that Weiner has been the primary caretaker for the boy, especially while Abedin worked on Clinton’s failed presidential bid.

“Huma is worried about her son,” the pal said. “That’s her priority, and Anthony plays a very strong role in raising him.”

It’s unclear whether Abedin, 41, is on the $11,900-a-month lease alone or signed with Weiner, who is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 8.

Brokers could not discuss the leasing arrangement because they signed a strict non-disclosure agreement. “We are really worried about this one,” a broker said. “This is a very sensitive rental.”

But Weiner, 52, who pleaded guilty May 19 to one count of transferring obscene material to a minor, may not be around much after Labor Day. He faces 21 to 27 months behind bars for carrying on the lurid exchange with the North Carolina teen.

“I have a sickness but I do not have an excuse,” he told federal Judge Loretta Preska between sobs. “I knew that was morally wrong.” Abedin was not in the courtroom.

Weiner’s creepy behavior may have even played a role in the 2016 presidential election. The FBI opened an inquiry into Weiner’s conduct in September and seized his laptop and phones, leading the feds to realize some of Clinton’s emails were on his computer. Then-FBI Director James Comey told Congress he would reopen an investigation into Clinton’s private email server two weeks before the election as a result.

Weiner has long been plagued by a weakness for sexually charged cyber correspondence. The Post reported in August 2016 that he was still sexting women, prompting his wife to announce their separation.

He had texted a crotch shot to a West Coast mom that included his then-3-year-old in bed next to him.

He entered outpatient therapy for sex addiction in Tennessee last fall, where a Post reporter and photographer spotted him riding a horse as part of his treatment.

The Weiner sexting scandal began in 2011 when the then-up-and-coming congressman accidentally tweeted a picture of his bulging member out to the public and then claimed his account had been hacked. Eventually, he came clean and resigned from office.

He tried to revive his political career in 2013 running for New York mayor. but the campaign was quickly derailed when 22-year-old Syndey Leathers came forward with proof of their online relationship. Revelations of other online sexting partners soon followed.

Is Huma genuinely concerned for her son’s future, gracious and forging towards her husband…or is this more about pizzagate, missing Hillary emails, and trying to keep Weiner under control (via the watchful eye of Hillary’s faithful servant) so the unhinged sexting Weiner does not spill some very damaging beans about HRC and the DNC.

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