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Horrific video captures effects of nail bombs used by terrorists in Manchester attack (Video)

Tommy Robinson tweeted this horrific image of the effects of the nail bombs that were used.

Warning: Graphic video.

“They used nail bombs at a kids concert in Manchester.”

A shocking first person account of the carnage (via the concert goers’ Facebook) describes a horrible scenario where “Peoples skin/blood&Feces where everywhere.”

Just out of The Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester,I thought we would leave seconds before the last song finished in order too get home quicker instead of waiting longer for a taxi,As we where leaving a bomb or explosion went off centimetres infront of me.

Peoples skin/blood&Feces where everywhere including in my hair & on my bag,I’m still finding bits of god knows what in my hair.I am fine & back in my hotel I hope everyone involved and in front of me is okay.We are being told it was a balloon/sound system but I can assure you it was not,You never ever expect these things too happen too you but this proves it can happen too anybody.

That sound,The blood & those who where running around clueless with body parts & bits of skin missing will not be leaving my mind any time soon or the minds of those involved.

Again, Hope everyone is alright I am very,Very lucky too be where I am just now

I understand these images might be upsetting however I feel as though people should know what happened

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