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Hillary Clinton dodges reporters asking ‘why Orlando shooter’s father was seated behind her’ [Video]

Hillary Clinton had an interesting supporter seated right behind her during a recent campaign rally just south of Orlando in a small town called Kissimee.

Remember the Pulse night club massacre, where Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS and then proceeded to murder 50 plus people.

Oddly enough, the Taliban-supporting, gay-punishing, father of Omar Mateen was cheering Hillary on at her Kissimmee campaign rally.

Yup, that is Omar Mateen’s dad, all smiles as he listens to Clinton speak.


And there he is again, sporting a red baseball hat…

clinton shooter teaser

This tweet best sums up the inconvenient visit to the Hillary campaign rally…

Hillary avoided all the reporter’s questions on Omar Mateen father’s presence at the rally….And for a candidate that has not done a press conference in over 200 plus days, avoiding reporters’ questions is something Clinton has become quite skilled at.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton will come out in a few days and explain away the Mateen family visit by blaming it on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

One person who was not silent was Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen, who briefly spoke to WPTV 5 about the Orlando shooting incident…

“We’ve been cooperating with the federal government (FBI), and that’s about it.”

“Thank you.”

WPTV 5 then, by chance, ran into Mateen again at a rest stop, and asked him what he was thinking when Clinton spoke about the Orlando incident. Mateen had this to say about Hillary and about Trump…

“Hillary Clinton is good for United States versus Donald Trump, who has no solutions…”

When asked if he thought some people would be surprised to see him there at the Hillary rally, Mateen said…

“I was invited by the Democratic party.”

“Why should they be surprised? I love the United States, and I’ve been living here a long time.”


Zerohedge reports that the Clinton campaign was quick chalk this up as simply a coincidence…

Of course, the fact that the mass-shooter’s father was so perfectly placed seated right behind her is probably just a coincidence… but The Clinton campaign was very quick to deny it once social media noticed…

“The rally was a 3,000-person, open-door event for the public. This individual wasn’t invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event.”

Still, we are sure if Matteen’s appearance had been embraced by the nation’s liberals (for being brave enough to appear and support real change in America or something like that) then the campaign spin may have been different.


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