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With a historic low approval rating of 10%, French President Hollande says Trump is ‘sickening’

Just last week we had Hillary Clinton and the US liberal media “hyperventilating” over non-existent comments made by Vladimir Putin on the US elections, and “expert” neocon technology consultants “almost certain” Russia hacked the DNC emails.

The Russian President has an approval rating that ranges around 85%. He is respected the world over. He hunts down ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists wherever they hide. He does his job, which in case anyone forgot is to look after the best interests of the Russian people.

Just to add some more context as to how deeply Vladimir Putin is inserting himself in the US elections, here is one of the very few quotes he has made about the US elections on June 17, 2016:

“We will judge by the deeds, not words of the new United States president and will seek ways to normalize ties and advance our cooperation in economy and international security.”

Of course we are certain that liberal progressive reading the above quote will interpret it as KGB code for ‘we must elect Trump so we can then takeover Estonia.’

We now turn our attention to French President Francois Hollande, who has an approval rating of around 10%. Hollande is the most unpopular leader in modern French history, but will run again for president of France.

Holande is ridiculed and mocked the world over for his weakness and arrogance. Instead of hunting down terrorists, he arms them, and de-stabilizes the very secular governments that can actually combat ISIS and Al Qaeda effectively.

Hollande has been on the receiving end of three major terrorist strikes this year, and counting. He offers no solutions to combating the ISIS threat, that has hit France especially hard. Hollande works for the best interests of the US elite, and Brussels oligarchs.

Here is French President Francois Hollande expressing his extreme revulsion at Donald Trump’s “excesses” in the U.S. presidential campaign. Hollande warning the American people against the authoritarian tone adopted by Trump.

Of course Hollande is the template government that all nations should aspire to…just ask the people in Paris and Nice how well Hollande has protected them.

In Paris during the annual meeting with the presidential press, Hollande inserted himself in the US election debate…

“In the U.S., one of the world’s great democracies, maybe the greatest democracy, where democracy was born, before the French one, we see some excesses that are sickening.”

“If the Americans choose Trump, that will have consequences, because an American election is a world election.”

“It could lead to a very strong turn to the right in the world, or to a correction…the American campaign shows issues that will be reflected in the French campaign.”

Naturally Hollande is scared to death of a change in global sentiment away from establishment candidates, and towards far left or far right groups…which in Hollande’s case would mean the socialist French president losing to far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen.

Hollande, concerned with his own self preservation, naturally aligns with Hillary Clinton, the ultimate establishment candidate. Unfortunately, to describe the US as the “greatest democracy” in light of the Clinton rigging of the Democratic party primary election, is a bit odd to say the least.

Referring to Trump’s controversial comments about captain Humayun Khan, a US Muslim soldier killed in Iraq in 2004, Hollande said…

“His excesses make you want to retch, even in the United States, especially when – as was Donald Trump’s case – he speaks ill of a soldier, of the memory of a soldier.”

Bloomberg has more on recent exchanges between Hollande and Trump…

Hollande and Trump have already swapped barbs, most recently when the real-estate mogul said in the aftermath of a string of terror attacks on France that he would not visit the country because “France is no longer France.” Hollande responded his country would stay true to its values.

Trump has made digs at other European leaders, while praising Russia’s Vladimir Putin. He called Angela Merkel’s refugee policy “insane” and accused the German Chancellor of ruining Europe’s dominant economy. She has maintained a dignified silence. When asked at a news conference if she had nightmares about him becoming president, she said: “I can answer that question with a clear, ‘No.’”

“The U.S. campaign provides themes that will then come into the French campaign,” Hollande said, adding that what was once “unthinkable,” a Trump administration, has now entered the realm of “foreseeable.”

Something tells me that, after examining Hollande’s past record and current lack of popularity, whoever he endorses for US President, should be the exact person we all hope to God does not win.


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