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Hillary Clinton’s latest excuse, ‘The emails marked “C” were missing a classified header’ [Video]

The war veteran destroys Hillary Clinton with a very simple and relevant question…

Hillary’s response is now her latest excuse into why she did not understand what the “C” in brackets meant, when a classified/confidential email is sent.

In released FBI documents, Hillary Clinton in on record saying she thought the “C” in brackets were just a way to put paragraphs in alphabetical order.

Hillary told the FBI that ‘C’ meant the ‘third paragraph’…i.e. A, B, C.

A= first paragraph, B=second paragraph and C=third paragraph.

Now we have Hillary’s latest explanaton, which is as stupid as all her other explanations, being that HRC did not know the emails were classified/confidential because they were missing the classified/confidential header.

Never mind the “C” in brackets…without the classified/confidential header, Hillary could not possibly know they were confidential emails.

I guess Hillary Clinton forgot that she actually instructed staffers to remove the header off classified documents send to her, in the first place.

See the leaked email below where “hrod17” says…

“–turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure”

Oops!!! Cue the Russian did it.


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