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Hillary Clinton’s stupid oxymoron: Alt-Right speech says Putin “grand godfather of global brand of extreme nationalism”

Either Hillary Clinton is extremely dumb, or her speech writers are extremely dumb, or the Clinton campaign believes the American people are extremely dumb.

Any way you look at it, Hillary Clinton’s bizarre and paranoid Reno, Nevada “Alt-Right” campaign speech will most likely go down as the most ridiculous speech given by a presidential candidate in history.

This was a half hour of Hillary projecting all her despicable and corrupt human traits, on to everyone and everything. From Donald Trump, to Nigel Farage, to the “Alt Right” movement, Breitbart, Alex Jones, Infowars…and of course Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Below is the full 30 minutes speech of certifiable crazy talk. The predictable and tiring “Russia is evil” rant starts at the 22:28 mark.

Never mind that it’s a complete oxymoron to say Vladimir Putin is the “grand godfather” of “global nationalism”. It makes no sense. Nationalism is the exact opposite of globalism. How can you have “global nationalism?”

This comes from a candidate that champions “freedom bombs” as she “liberated Libya”, or brought democracy to Ukraine by overthrowing its democratically elected president.

Never mind the fact that Hillary supports neo-nazis in Ukraine, who suppress human rights and despise everything the progressive left claims to cherish.

Or that Hillary’s underling, Victoria Nuland (a chief neocon), actively instigated a coup on a democratically elected government in Ukraine, famously saying “Fuck The EU”, as she plotted her next steps in setting up a puppet government.

And then there is Libya…where to begin and where to end. The “black heart” of a women who was so happy that America ‘came, saw and killed.’

Hillary forgets all these “exceptional” accomplishments that destroyed nations and killed thousands of innocent men, women and children. Let’s not forget that Hillary is the candidate for women’s rights, for minorities, for muslims, as long as they do not live in East Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…you get the picture.

Luckily RT (who Clinton’s campaign crony stupidly refers to as “Russia Times”), handily destroyed Clintons’ accusations in the video below.

Worth watching if only to see how unfit HRC is to hold the office of POTUS.

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