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Hillary Clinton supporters now blame Facebook for losing the US elections

It was the fault of the Russians.

No wait, it was the fault of white trash, uneducated America.

No wait, the white male is to blame.

No…it was the fault of the patriarchy.

No wait, it was Facebook fault.

Hillary Clinton’s loss is everyone else’s fault except for Hillary Clinton and her criminal past, and present.

This is liberal logic in overdrive. SJW-snowflakes are never to blame, it is always the fault of someone else, or something else. Accountability and responsibility are words not to be found in a neo-liberal progressive dictionary.

Liberal media is turning on Facebook, publishing a flurry of posts that claim, despite Facebook’s best efforts to filter out “false news”, some “false news” still managed to get through onto people’s feed…and this lost the election for crooked Hillary.

The “Facebook is to blame” narrative is part of a new analysis by Pew Research Centre which says more than 44% of Americans consulted Facebook to get information throughout the campaign cycle, which was replete with highly offensive, controversial and fake news about the Democratic candidate.

Mark Zuckerberg was not about to allow Facebook to be thrown under the bus by the SJW-snowflake coalition.

At the Techonomy 2016 in California, Zuckerberg said that Facebook should not be held responsible for how the elections turned out…

“Personally I think the idea that fake news on Facebook, which is a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way — I think is a pretty crazy idea.”

“I do think there is a certain profound lack of empathy in asserting that the only reason someone could have voted the way they did is they saw some fake news. If you believe that, then I don’t think you have internalized the message the Trump supporters are trying to send in this election.”

“I think we would be surprised by how many things that don’t conform to our worldview, we just tune out.”

“People tend to have some friends with diverse opinions, but Facebook’s research shows people tend to ignore their posts. The biggest filter in the system is not that the content isn’t there, but just that you don’t click on it.”

The Facebook CEO cited the research they had conducted which found that liberals and conservatives only see around 1% less news from the other side. The study reinforced that people did not click on news that did not reinforce their previously held beliefs.

Liberal media, Hillary surrogate publication Vox actually places Facebook ahead of Hillary Clinton’s campaign as the cause for HRC’s loss.


5) Facebook
When wondering why tough media reporting on Trump didn’t seem to make much of a difference, it’s important to keep in mind the role of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media behemoth. Forty-four percent of American adults consume media from Facebook, according to Bloomberg. In practice, that means that they are seeing what their friends share.

But in practice, the company and its algorithm aid the spread of a great deal of outright false information. They also seem to allow people of any political views to live in bubbles, to the point where many liberals were utterly flabbergasted that Trump won. Timothy Lee made the pre-election case that Facebook was hurting our democracy, and Max Read made the post-election case that Facebook helped elect Trump.

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