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Hillary Clinton runs away from a reporter asking her to comment on her falling poll numbers [Video]

On Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane, a reporter finally asked a semi-difficult question to the recluse US Presidential Candidate.

The reporter simply asked…

“What do you think about the CNN poll that shows you…”

Oh…not so fast. Right when we had our first good question thrown at Hillary in ages, we got a duck and avert move from Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri…

“OK, we’ll come back.”

Hillary repeated thrice…

“We’ll come back. We’ll come back, guys. We’ll come back. Just saying good morning.”

The Clinton campaign cut the reporter’s question off quickly and abruptly. They dodged a bullet. We all know that Hillary is completely unable to properly address her plummeting poll numbers.

She may end up going into a rant on how Russia is hacking the polling software…and then she may break out in coughing fits.

Disaster averted.

The reporter who asked this question, we are sure, will be either disciplined on how to properly handle Hillary, or be shoved off Hillary’s magical mystery tour plane.

We can only hope that the Clinton Campaign will wait until the plane lands somewhere before they push this reporter “off the bus”.

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