Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Whoever wins, Russia loses

This morning, The Duran newsroom has been abuzz as to how the US elections will play out. While many of us at The Duran live faraway from the US election circus, each of us has a personal connection, in one way or another, to America.

At the very least, we understand that the person America picks as their next president has an effect on the entire world…sometimes good, but as of late mostly bad.

Foreign policy is a central focus here at The Duran, and while we generally believe in, and try to preach a grounded, realpolitik approach to foreign policy, the US has moved in the opposite direction…infested with a neo-liberal/neocon frankenstein foreign policy dogma.

America’s hypocritical, liberal values based approach to dealing with other states is at many times, as Peter Lavelle often says “a hammer always in search of nails.”

Either you conform to America’s politically correct authoritarianism…or be bombed, sanctioned, or regime changed.

Which brings me to the results of today’s US elections. No matter who wins, the ultimate loser in all of this will be Russia.

Should Donald Trump win, then the Clinton campaign will immediately blame Russian interference into the entire voting process. The mainstream media will fall in line and help the Clinton network push a narrative along the lines of…

‘Putin and and the Kremlin hacked various voting machines and manipulated the election process.’

Obama could very well dispute the election results, as he too appears to be corrupted by the Clinton network.

Intelligence chief James Clapper is no stranger to lying, and will make some sort of nefarious statement…

‘the NSA and all the other 17 agencies noticed a large spike in foreign hacker activity during the voting process, which resemble a pattern normally used by Russia and the Russian state.’

The DOJ, FBI, CIA…all have been proven to be under Clinton’s thumb.

The Russian hacker excuse is Hillary’s Plan B should she lose. It has been baked into the Clinton campaign from the very start. It is her failsafe.

The establishment will never allow Trump to take the White House…and if it means war (cyber or otherwise) with Russia, then so be it. It will not be the first, or the last time American has gone to war in order to preserve the establishment power structure.

Russia will be dragged into the Clinton defeat, whether they like it or not.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain, should Trump win, Hillary Clinton, and the deep state behind HRC, may very well play the Russia card to nullify election results, and call into question a Trump victory.

Should Hillary Clinton win, then Russia will have to face an extremely hostile, anti-Russian, anti-Putin, anti-Orthodox, anti-Slavic Washington administration.

Imagine a Hillary government stacked with high level officials and advisors like Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland, Ash Carter, Madeleine Albright, John Podesta, Robert Kagan and so much worse.

Hillary will base her entire foreign policy on destroying Russia.

She will start with a massive escalation in Syria. Al Qaeda and ISIS will be funded to the hilt. “Moderate rebels” will be encouraged to continue their offensive against Assad. Qatar and Saudi Arabia will receive Clinton’s full support…they did after all invest in Hillary’s loyalty.

Iran may very well be Hillary’s next regime change target. Iran is on the neocon destabilization list…and with Saudi Arabia in firm control of the White House, expect Iran to be in America’s crosshairs.

Hillary may very well reignite the Ukraine crisis. Victoria Nuland may end up as US Secretary of State and this would surely result in a massive escalation of violence in Ukraine, which was Nuland’s pet project.

God knows where else Hillary and her staff may stir up trouble. Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, anything and everything is in play, as long as it weakens the Russian Federation.

Soros and his NGOs will have a new, rejuvenated energy to aggressively move to destabilize Russia, and it’s allies from within. Under Hillary expect every color, of a color revolution to take place.

One thing is certain, Hillary and her clan hate everything Russia stands for. They despise Russia’s culture, history, traditions, values and religion.

It will be four years where Putin, and his highly skilled, professional diplomats, will need to muster all their cunning and expertise to thwart off a belligerent and destructive America…an America that under Hillary Clinton will be like a bull in a china shop, breaking everything it comes in contact with, in a last ditch effort to assert its dying global hegemony.

No matter the results of the US elections, Russia can’t win.

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