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Hillary Clinton officially accuses Russia of hacking DNC emails during Fox News interview [Video]

Hillary Clinton is now on record saying she believes Russian intelligence services “under the control of Vladimir Putin” hacked into the DNC.

The first question of the night from Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday…

WALLACE: Do you believe that Russia is behind the hacking and release of the DNC e-mails? And do you think that Vladimir Putin wants to defeat you or see you defeated and Donald Trump elected president?

CLINTON: Well, Chris, here’s what I think we know. We know that Russian intelligence services, which is part of the Russian government which is under the firm control of Vladimir Putin, hacked into the DNC. And we know that he arranged for a lot of those e-mails to be released.

And we know that Donald Trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin, whether it’s saying that NATO wouldn’t come to the rescue of allies if they were invaded, talking about removing sanctions from Russian officials after they were imposed by the United States and Europe together, because of Russia’s aggressiveness in Crimea and Ukraine, his praise for Putin which is I think quite remarkable.

WALLACE: So, are you suggesting that Putin would rather see him as president than you.

CLINTON: Well, I’m not going to jump to that conclusion, but I think laying out the facts raises issues about Russian interference in our elections, in our democracy. We would not tolerate that from any other country, particularly one with whom we have adversarial positions. And for Trump to both encourage that and to praise Putin despite what appears to be a deliberate effort to try to affect the election I think raises national security issues.

After Wallace played the video clip of Trump sarcastically asking Russia to release Clintons “missing” 30,000 emails, Clinton responded…

CLINTON: Well, I think if you take his encouragement that the Russians hack into American e-mail accounts, if you take his quite excessive praise for Putin, his absolute allegiance to a lot of Russian wish-list foreign policy position, his effort then to try to distance himself from that backlash which rightly came not just from Democrats, but Republicans, independents and national security and intelligence experts leads us once again to include he is not temperamentally fit to be president and commander in chief.

To much disappointment, Fox news never mentioned the fact that if anyone is in bed with the Russians, then that would be Hillary, whose foundation has been the lucky recipient of $500,000 from Renaissance Capital, Russia’s largest investment banks.

Never mind the fact that all the evidence of a Russian hack comes from private US security experts cozy with Hillary like Jason Healey, a director at the Atlantic Council, which is an organisation in bed with NATO.

We are sure these security experts don’t have a horse in this race. Maybe more NATO spending to fight the “evil Putin”, which would mean more big kickbacks. It would not be a first for Clinton, who has masterfully turned what should be a discussion about rigging an election, into a military contract financial windfall for her and all her cronies.


Of course the US has never inserted itself in another country’s election process or hacked email accounts of world leaders like Angela Merkel.

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Hillary Clinton would never lie, would she?

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