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Hillary Clinton leverages media in Ecuador to ‘reconsider’ Julian Assange’s asylum in London

Hillary Clinton leverages media in Ecuador to ‘reconsider’ Julian Assange’s asylum in London

Last month at the DNC, Wikileaks unleashed a cache of emails that showed the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton had conspired to rig the primary elections against Bernie Sanders.

Assange also released, to much less publicity, 1,700 emails that showed Hillary Clinton was directly involved in the destabilisation of Libya and Syria, and knowingly funneled weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The Clinton campaign diverted all of America’s attention away from what should of been a massive scandal (with charges of treason levied on Hillary Clinton) by simply conjuring up the spectre of Russian aggression and Vladimir Putin. America fell for it and the media promoted the Clinton diversion tactic as they were instructed to do.

As teflon Hillary continues to run amok, above any law, doing anything she pleases, Assange’s Wikileaks has promised another tranche of emails that will further expose Clinton’s massive corruption, and appetite for all out war.

The Democratic party will risk no more Wikileaks’s induced speed bumps, in the coronation process of the first woman president, and the establishment’s ultimate insider war hawk.

That is why reports out of Ecuador are now pointing to increased pressure on the Ecuador government to remove Assange’s asylum status, and finally expel him from the Ecuador embassy, and into UK police custody…where American authorities wait patently to lock Assange up for life, never to be heard from again.

Hillary can then smoothly move on to becoming the next US President, as was planned nearly two years ago.

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Media in Ecuador is now calling for Assange’s asylum status to be reconsidered. had this to say

In this context, it happens that the author of the mess is none other than the person to whom Ecuador has granted asylum and protection to for more than four years. I was the first to say that Assange has, like all other human beings, inalienable rights, that must be respected. However, an asylum seeker also has obligations that cannot be ignored. He should not “perform acts that disturb the public peace, or to participate and influence political activities” and he also must respect and not harm, with his actions, the country that decided to give him asylum.

Unfortunately, Ecuador has not set a limit to the conduct of Assange, and has allowed him to violate his asylum status, and taunt those who seek asylum. His latest interference in US politics could have worldwide consequences, of which Ecuador, Assange’s protector, will not leave unscathed. If London has refused to closer ties with Ecuador, because of Assange, then Washington is expected to react in the same way. And the United States is our best commercial partner!

I said that, once granted asylum, Ecuador is bound to honor it. However, given the gruesome performance by Assange, he undoubtedly violates his refugee status, and it should be considered whether this conduct, taken to such extremes, is a good reason for Ecuador to end the asylum.

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