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Hillary Clinton goes on Russia rant. Calls Vladimir Putin a “dictator”, then coughs and chokes until no end

Maybe Hillary Clinton’s terrible cough is not a sickness or lingering symptom from her stroke and blood clot in the brain.

Maybe Hillary’s cough is psychosomatic.

Maybe Hillary’s cough is a physical symptoms occurring for psychological reasons.

Maybe Hilary’s cough is her “tell”…a physical reaction to the ridiculous, dangerous lies that come out of her mouth.

Maybe her body begins to cough uncontrollably as a warning signal to her (and to us) that lies have consequences.

Maybe Hillary is human, does have a conscious…and the cough is the last remnants of that conscious remaining in what has become a rotting and corrupt shell of a body.

Yesterday Hillary lasted for all but 7 questions from the press (on board her shiny new plane), until her coughing surfaced again…forcing Hillary to abruptly excuse herself.

The cause of her coughing…more lies about Russian hacking, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Hillary’s cough will go away for good when she does these four things:

  1. Admits that the Russian hacking story was a made up thing, created by her marketing team to divert attention away from her cheating during the Democratic primaries
  2. Admits that Vladimir Putin is a democratically elected statesman, and one of the few leaders trying to enforce international law and geo-political stability
  3. Admits that the Clinton Foundation is a pay-to-play slush fund that took in billions in exchange for political favors
  4. Admits that she murdered Gaddafi, destroyed Libya, funded ISIS terrorists, invaded Syria with jihadist radicals, and instigated a coup in Honduras.

Once Hillary Clinton comes clean and admits to her crimes, then her cough will finally go away.

No lozenges or cough syrup will help Hillary. Only the truth can cure this psychosomatic disorder.

Until then, every time Hillary spews out dangerous lies, this will happen…

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