Hillary Clinton’s facial expressions prove she is lying about Russian election meddling (Video)

Body language and facial expressions are hard to hide, and usually are an excellent way to catch a liar.

In this case you do not need to be a body language expert to understand that HRC is deep in a delusional lie.

During her interview at the Book Expo, Hillary Clinton can easily be spotted lying about the “Russian election meddling” story…her smile betrays her.

Hillary’s facial movements cannot help but quietly reveal a clever smile at the ridiculous story she has concocted with her campaign staff, that half of America now buys into.

Hillary’s smile is textbook lying…deep down inside she finds it funny that she is actually getting away with this entire “Russia-Trump” election fake news. Hillary is proud of her deception.

Watch Hillary crack a smile at the 12:25 minute mark, right when she says, “We know they [Russia] were responsible for in our most fundamental democratic act.”

Here it is from another angle at the 0.50 second mark…

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