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Hillary Clinton caught faking selfies with a “random stranger” in Instagram PR stunt

Hillary Clinton was out and about doing normal, everyday things like grocery shopping, when all of a sudden the former presidential candidate was approached by an unsuspecting fan to pose for a selfie.

Clinton has not driven a car in 20 years, and in the last two weeks she has been spotted taking selfies everywhere with adoring fans. Totally random stuff right?

According to US Weekly, the former Democratic presidential candidate was busy “grabbing a few last-minute items” when she stopped to take a selfie with Brittany Valente, who shared their snap to Instagram.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Valente was not someone who Hillary randomly bumped into for a selfie opportunity with everyday folks, but was a well placed PR stooge…

The media wants you to believe this was another random Hillary sighting.

But as Jack Posobiec pointed out Brittany Valente is a marketing director for a PR firm.

And, she’s met Hillary Clinton before…

Once a liar and cheat, always a liar and cheat.

The recent Hillary selfies appear to be an interesting PR campaign to paint Hillary as one of the people. It is not working.

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