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Hillary Clinton loving Vox Media discreetly spreads anti-Russian propaganda

In a recent piece I was writing for The Duran on the third US presidential debate, I noticed an interesting “typo” from a part of the debate transcript that I was researching on various web sites.

The transcript which had this “mistake” was from Vox Media, and involved a question from Mike Wallace regarding a no-fly zone in Syria.

Notice at the end of the question when Wallace specifically asks, if a Russian plane violates the no-fly zone does  “president Clinton shoot that plane down?

Here is the full transcript of Wallace’s question towards Hillary Clinton…

Wallace: Secretary Clinton, you have talked about in the last debate and again today that you would impose a no-fly zone to try to protect top the killing there. President Obama has refused to do that because he fears it’s going to draw us closer, deeper into the conflict. And general Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff there says you want to impose a no-fly zone, chances are you’re going to get into a war, his words, with Syria and Russia. So the question I have, if you impose a no-fly zone, first of all, how do you respond to their concerns? Secondly, if you impose a no-fly zone and a Russian plane violates that, does president Clinton shoot that plane down?

Here is a screenshot from neo-liberal, pro-Hillary, publication…and how they heard Wallace’s question.

Notice the interesting word play as to who does the shooting down of planes… “does president Putin shoot that plane down?”

Putin shooting down a Russian plane?

Is the image of Hillary Clinton shooting down a Russian plane and starting world war 3, something that the liberal left needs to cover up?

Was this a simple typo made by a Putin hating neo-liberal cabal, that is obsessed with demonizing Russia?

Or is this discreet and deliberate propaganda?

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