Here are photos of Saudi Arabia’s air-conditioned tent city, that can house 3 million refugees, now sitting empty.

Where is the liberal left outrage?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia refuses to take any Syrian refugees, even though the KSA is much closer to the war stricken area than Europe or the United States.

Moving refugees to Saudi Arabia would be far less dangerous than risking death in overcrowded boats on the Mediterranean towards the shores of Italy or Greece.

Not only is proximity beneficial for refugees fleeing war in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere (wars that Saudi Arabia is openly fighting and funding), but the KSA already has amazing infrastructure in place to humanely house 100,000 refugees.

Saudi Arabia has a modern housing complex of 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty, with a total capacity to hold 3 million people.

Why are American protestors not gathered outside the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC?

Take a look at the massive, ultra modern tent city below (which in a millennial world of Uber/AirBnB resource maximization), sits woefully empty.

If Hollywood stars, outraged by Trump’s executive order, would also house refugees in their many mega mansions…then the refugee problem is solved.



Via Breitbart

“The 20 square km tent city of Mina is used for five days each year by Hajj pilgrims, and deserted for the rest of the time,” reports the TeleSUR news network. “The neatly arranged campsite is made up of eight-by-eight meter fire-proof tents, with kitchen and bathroom facilities.”

The Hajj is the ritual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, due to begin in late September. This year’s event is supposed to proceed on schedule despite the recent collapse of a crane at the Grand Mosque, which killed 107 people. The Hajj is said to draw some 2 million participants each year.

TeleSUR notes that “no Gulf country has signed the U.N. Convention on Refugees, an accord standardizing the level of treatment of people fleeing to new countries.” No refugees have been accepted by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, or the United Arab Emirates.

The Saudi government claims to be quietly doing something-or-other for the refugees, while making “a point not to deal with them as refugees,” because they do not want to “show off or brag in the media,” according to a Saudi official. So far these nameless refugees mysteriously housed in an unknown quarter of the Kingdom have not seen fit to publicly express their gratitude for Saudi generosity.

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