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Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz, says talk of Trump Jr. “treason” is nonsense (Video)

After Donald Trump Jr. was “caught” talking to a Russian lawyer who has zero ties to the Kremlin, and plenty of suspicious ties to the Obama White House, the liberal left has spun the 20 minute meeting into the smoking gun “Russia” evidence they have been searching for, for over 9 months.

The crazies on the left are even calling Trump Jr.’s non-eventful exchange with what may very be an Obama set-up

First you have loser Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, referring to Trump Jr.’s meeting as “treasonous.”

Then we have liberal left propaganda outlet the New York Times publishing an op-ed, according to Zerohedge, detailing how treason statutes could potentially be adapted for the sole purpose of incriminating Don Jr. for taking the meeting with Veselnitskaya.

Although we do not yet have enough facts to judge, Donald Jr. and others may also be liable for conspiracy with respect to espionage, depending on how any illicit information was obtained and the level of their awareness of any spying. Because the Russian campaign that followed was nothing less than an assault on our democracy, we understand why some are raising issues of treason as well. Prosecution under the federal treason statute is ultimately unlikely because we are not at war with Russia. But during the Cold War, treasonous conduct was often prosecuted under other statutes. (Alger Hiss was sentenced to four years in prison for “forgetting” in sworn testimony that he had met with Whitaker Chambers, an American working for the Russians.)

Leave it to former Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz, to inject some very simple logic to the Trump Jr. hysteria.

Dershowitz notes that while the act of actually stealing or hacking information is illegal, “seeking to obtain the work product of a prior hack would be no more criminal than a newspaper publishing the work product of thefts such as the Pentagon Papers and the material stolen by Snowden and Manning.”

Obviously if anyone conspired in advance with another to commit a crime – such as hacking the DNC – that would be criminal. But merely seeking to obtain the work product of a prior hack would be no more criminal than a newspaper publishing the work product of thefts such as the Pentagon Papers and the material stolen by Snowden and Manning. Moreover, the emails sent to Trump Jr. say that the dirt peddled by Veselnitskaya came from “official documents.” No mention is made of hacking or other illegal activities. So it is unlikely that attendance at the meeting violated any criminal statute.

According to Zerohedge, Dershowitz concluded that while the act of ‘colluding’ with a foreign government maybe should be made illegal in the future, it is not currently a crime under existing laws….so tough luck there too.

Whether or not such collusion, if it occurred, is a crime, it is clear that the American people have the right to know whether any sort of collusion –legal or illegal – took place. And, if so, what was its nature.

The Mueller investigation is limited to possible criminal activity. Probing the moral, political or other non-criminal implications of collusion with, or interference by, Russia is beyond the jurisdiction of the special counsel. It is the role of Congress, not the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, to make changes in existing laws. Perhaps mere collusion by a campaign with a foreign government should be made a crime, so as to prevent future contamination of our elections. But it is not currently a crime.

Nor will it be easy to draft a criminal statute prohibiting a campaign from using material provided by a foreign power, without trenching on the constitutional rights of candidates. But this is all up to Congress and the courts, not the special counsel, with his limited jurisdiction.

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