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Haiti’s October nightmare as hurricane Matthew approaches a nation pillaged by the Clintons in 2010

Two weeks ago, The Duran posted a video of the former Haitian President of the Senate at a Trump event, revealing the disgraceful truths about the Clinton Foundation’s operation in earthquake stricken Haiti.

The former Senate President said that the Clintons tried to buy him out, promising to make him the richest man in Haiti.

During Haiti’s darkest days, Bill and Hillary Clinton exploited the country’s suffering for personal enrichment.

Now, Haiti faces Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane ready to strike with 145MPH winds and 40 inches of rain. Matthew is shaping up to be big, and may very well hit Haiti harder than any other natural disaster before it.

The human tragedy could be massive, especially since the country has failed to recover after the 2010 earthquake.

Many residents in Haiti blame the Clinton Foundation and the US State Department for their country’s inability to recover after the 2010 earthquake.

Sputnik News reports…

The Clinton Foundation has been much maligned in the years that have followed for alleged malfeasance in their relief work following the 2010 natural disaster as Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time and decided to contract with the Foundation, despite the obvious conflict of interest, to provide for the relief effort.

The Foundation reportedly raised $30 million for Haiti relief projects, but locals say that the projects never fully materialized while others point to luxury hotels that were allegedly constructed with relief funds in order to benefit the country’s ruling establishment.

Haiti now finds itself in as vulnerable a state as it has ever been with a Category 4 Hurricane barreling in its direction with winds expected to be in excess of 145MPH at landfall (with gusts of 170MPH) which is predicted to do catastrophic damage to the shanty structures that remain years later.

The howling winds are expected to be the least of the catastrophe, however, as the storm is forecast to move slowly or stall over Haiti dumping in excess of 40 inches of rain over a three day period while ripping up a storm surge of 12 feet above normal sea level inundating the country with massive flooding and horrific landslides.

The potential for loss of life resulting from Matthew is almost unimaginable given the country’s vulnerability with the crisis only further exacerbated by the failings of the relief effort in 2010 by the Clinton Foundation – whether or not it was the result of corruption or simply a failure.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s worse failure as Secretary of State will be on television screens around the world in less than 24-hours as the Haitian people face a hell that is almost unimaginable – an October surprise that may very well thrust Donald Trump to the presidency, but a surprise that is no better than a horror show laden with the terror and hardship that awaits those who can survive the storm in Haiti.


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