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Greek student confronts Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem [Video]

A synopsis of the dialogue as provided by the Keep Talking Greece blog…

“You continue to give loans to Greece to pay other loans. You know the situation very well. For the last five years you promote austerity here and in Holland. […] And at the same time, you allow the press to claim that every Dutchman has given 700 euros directly to the Greeks through the bailout packages, ” said the student

Dijsselbloem replied that “Brussels is not responsible for the problems of Greece, the responsibility is up to the society and the Greek government. Europe is trying to help,” and added:

“You blame us. In Greece there was a corruption problem before the crisis. If the new government wants to fight tax evasion I will support it.”

At the end of the dialogue, the two men shook hands, with Dijsselbloem to imitate the famous handshake he had with finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis after the first Eurogroup.


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