Greek Prime Minister goes full fear monger mode in last ditch effort to avoid elections

They did it with Scotland and they are at it again with Greece.

In an all out effort to avoid snap elections in Greece and more Eurozone woes, Brussels lapdog and Greek PM Antonis Samaras is going full fear monger mode in order to convince 12 more MPs to vote for his choice for President this Monday. If the Greek Parliament fails to reach the 180 voted needed to approve Stavros Dimas as Greece’s new President (a purely symbolic role) then, as stipulated in the constitution, elections must be called, and that’s when things get interesting.

The Guardian reports:

Failure would automatically trigger elections that radical leftists would be likely to win. The ballot has therefore electrified Greece, rattled markets and unnerved Europe. “I am once again appealing to all MPs, of all parties, to vote for the president of the republic,” Samaras told state television. “If we don’t elect a president the responsibility will hang heavily over those who don’t vote for [him]. They will be remembered by everyone, especially history.”

Samaras’s high-stakes gamble of calling the poll two months early has brought him face-to-face with the spectre of losing power if he fails to convince 12 MPs to back Stavros Dimas, his choice for the presidential post. A former European commissioner, Dimas received 168 ballots in a second round of voting last week – well short of the 200 required. On Monday he must amass 180 to be elected.

Samaras also used the state TV apparatus to spread his message of all out destruction for Greece should the vote not pass on Monday, and Syriza somehow (after elections) governs.

Via Zerohedge:

During a state-TV “interview” which many are dubbing pure fear-mongering propaganda ahead of Monday’s final ‘vote of confidence’, Greek Prime Minister Samaras unleashes his most assanine M.A.D. comments yet.

“It’s not a question of what’s good for me or New Democracy. It’s best for the country that there are not snap elections.”


Translation: you don’t need no stinking democracy, trust us – your benevolent rulers – to do what’s best for the Greek people.

*GREECE’S BIGGEST PROBLEM IS POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY: SAMARAS (not record youth unemployment, povrty, and suicide rates, and surging youth emigration)
*SAMARAS SAYS NOW IS TIME FOR LAWMAKERS TO DO THEIR DUTY (ignore the people’s pleas and pain, vote for EU bureaucrats)

And with Greece’s (anti-EU) Syriza party now leading by 2.5pts in the latest polls, it is hardly surprising Samaras is pulling out all the ‘turmoil’ threats. “Greek people don’t want elections,” he chides. By ‘Greek people’, we assume he means ‘unelected European bureaucrats’.

Expect the EU to go full in to scaring the hell out of all Greeks to not vote for Syriza should elections commence on Monday.

Europe is keen to keep its imperialistic claws on Greece and continue its disastrous rule over the southern periphery, which it has pillaged and plundered now for eight plus years. Logic thus says, if Europe is so keen on the Samaras government, then the only way to break free of the corrupt EU kings is to vote anything but Samaras’ New Democracy.


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December 29, 2014

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