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Greece says it can no longer “accommodate” refugees from US/EU wars

The EU’s Dublin Regulation, stipulates that the European state where the asylum-seeker first arrives in the EU is responsible for examining an asylum claim.

Refugees are processes and fingerprinted in the first EU country of arrival to ensure evidence of their entry.

As RT reports

–rights groups warn that imminent transfers from other EU countries back to Greece in line with the regulations are likely to cause more refugees than ever to go underground in western European countries, as many are desperate to stay there because of family links or successful attempts to start a new life. The scheme also adds even greater pressure to existing refugee facilities in Greece and beyond.

It is no secret that Greece is completely ill-equipped to handle such administrative tasks as laid out by the EU.  The Greek government cannot take care of its own citizens, bankrupt for nearly 8 years and counting, with the German debt boot sitting firmly on the country’s throat.

So it makes little, to no sense, that Greece should take on the added burden of caring for refugees displaced by US/UK/French/German wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

RT adds that Greek migration minister, Ioannis Mouzalas, told Spiegel that Greece is not capable of adhering to the Dublin Regulation. The agreement was put on hold for Greece back in 2011 over problems in the country’s asylum system. Those problems have worsened as the country’s financial death spiral has deepened.

“Greece is already shouldering a heavy burden,” Ioannis Mouzalas, the migration minister, said.

“We accommodate 60,000 refugees… and it would be a mistake to make Greece’s burden heavier by the revival of the Dublin agreement,” he said, also adding that Germany, the primary destination for most refugees, “wants countries where refugees arrive first to bear a large portion of the burden.”

Asked if Athens is ruling out implementation of the Dublin Regulation, Mouzalas answered in the affirmative, adding, “I want the Germans to understand that this is not because of political or ideological reasons, or failure to appreciate Germany’s assistance.”

“Greece simply has no capacities to cope with additional arrival of refugees,” he said. “We’ve just pulled ourselves together, so please, don’t make us falter again.”

We are certain that European Union oligarchs will insist that Greece take on the refugees, making sure that the Hellenic Republic ‘falters once again’, while driving the point home that Greece is not a sovereign nation state.

Greece has become nothing more than an EU guinea pig, where failed economic and geopolitical policies can get a first run through, to gauge how effectively they destroy the nation state model and subjugate traditional cultures into waste bins of neo-liberal garbage.

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