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Glutton for punishment? New poll shows Greeks want eurozone even it means more austerity and poverty

Go figure.

If Greeks want to stay in the Euro at all costs then so be it…but when they get their wish, and the country further diminishes into the abyss, let’s only hope that Greek citizens avoid complaining about the Troika’s heavy handed rule of the motherland…because as is so clear by now, staying in the Eurozone means being managed by the Troika.

Via Ekathimerini…

Asked whether they want to keep the euro or return to the drachma, 66.5 percent said they preferred the common currency over 27 percent who would prefer a return to the nation’s old currency. A smaller majority, 55.5 percent over 35 percent, were in favor of euro membership if that entailed signing up to a new memorandum.

The opinion poll by the research institute of the University of Macedonia was commissioned by Skai TV.

The survey also featured a breakdown by political party of those in favor of euro membership: 53.5 percent of SYRIZA voters want in, compared to 92.5 of New Democracy, 100 percent of To Potami and PASOK, 36.5 of Independent Greeks and 27.5 percent of Communist Party (KKE). Golden Dawn voters were evenly split, the poll said.

On the prospect of a new memorandum as a prerequisite for euro membership, support among SYRIZA voters fell to 34 voters compared to 58 percent who would rather return to the drachma. Backing was at 95.5 among ND voters, 90 for PASOK, 83.5 for To Potami, 37.5 for Independent Greeks, 6 for KKE and 58.5 for GD.


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