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Globalists ready to launch massive attack against Le Pen to guarantee Macron’s puppet Presidency

Last week The Duran reported on former POTUS Barack Obama’s public endorsement for left-wing establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential race.

With Obama’s support it became crystal clear that Macron was the cuckold globalists needed to “lead” France, and continue to push Europe into the abyss while the .1% enrich themselves beyond imagination.

Now that Macron made it to the final round, to face off against the National Front’s Marine Le Pen, the neo-liberal globalist movement has wasted no time mobilizing their enormous resources to make sure that the one woman who can destroy the corrupt European Union, and its Brussels ponzi scheme, never sees the inside of the Élysée Palace.

Aside from neo-liberal messiah, Barack Obama, these three European power structures have thrown their full support behind Macron in record time…

1. France’s current government

French authorities and members of the ruling Socialist party voiced their support for Macron.

Macron stepped down from the post of Economy Minister under the disastrous Hollande’s administration in order to stand in as the globalist candidate once, it became clear Hollande stood zero chance of re-election.

Citing the Elysees Palace, Reuters reported that Hollande called Macron to congratulate him on qualifying for the second round.

Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve also immediately called for support for Macron.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault went work right away after results were in…calling on supporters to mobilize and vote for Macron in round two of the election.

The mayor of a decaying Paris, Anne Hidalgo called on her city to “block the extreme right and vote for Macron”, where according to preliminary results, Le Pen suffered a heavy defeat with under 5 percent of vote.

2. The German establishment

German politicians were quick to voice support for Macron as preliminary results cam in.

Vice Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel wrote that he is glad that “the only Pro-European candidate [Macron]” is leading in the French elections.

Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, tweeted that the result shows that “France and Europe can jointly win!”

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert‏ tweeted his support for Macron’s pro-EU (aka globalism) and social market economy platform (aka neo-liberal dogma), wishing him “All the best for the next 2 weeks.”

3. European Union oligarchs

Of course the corrupt power establishment of the European Union would be in favor of pro-EU Macron as opposed to Eurosceptic Le Pen, but Brussels officials openly exhibited their preference towards Macron in what many would clearly call “election meddling.”

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, called Macron “the hope and future of our generation”, meaning that Macron ‘is the hope and future of the status quo, making sure the rich get massively richer.’ 

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker “congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his result in the first round and wished him all the best in the final round.”

Juncker’s spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, tweeted…

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