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Globalist elite order Hillary Clinton to push “fake news” legislation. The goal is censorship of the “deplorables”

Was the plan, all along, to begin a global elite censorship campaign of dissenting voices from the government narrative, faithfully carried out by CNN, MSNBC, NYT, HuffPost etc…irregardless of who were to win the US elections?

If Hillary won then the censorship agenda would have been carried out with greater ease. Hillary had already begun the indoctrination process, continuously claiming that ‘Russia was hacking the US government’.

Once president, Clinton would seamlessly push censorship legislation, cleverly dubbed as “fake news” for added effect.

Much like WMDs, conspiracy theory, political correctness, color revolution, and humanitarian war…the “fake news” spin was created for the sole purpose of enriching Hillary’s 1% donor class, while suppressing, weakening, and muting the 99% peasant class.

But Trump won. Never to let a good plan go to waste, the deep state decided to push forward with their censorship agenda, even with Trump set to take office.

This is and was the plan all along…censor the “fake news” in order to save the dying “real news”.

Which would explain Hillary’s well placed timing onto the “fake news” scene yesterday, to come to the aid of the establishment media (and the massive corporations behind it all) to push for “fake news” legislation.

Via InfoWars

The only way to shut down Donald Trump is to shut down the alternative news media.

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