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Glenn Greenwald tells CNN, “Not unpersuasive evidence or inadequate evidence, no evidence” of Russian hacking

A few things to clear up before the video.

Glenn Greenwald appears to be no fan of Russia or Vladimir Putin. He continuously calls Russia a “dictatorship” which is, for someone of Greenwald’s intelligence, simply ignorant.

Brian Stelter is not an objective reporter. He is a commentator who strongly supported Hillary Clinton, working for CNN, a network that is squarely aligned with the neo-liberal ruling elites…A network engaged in pushing “fake news” stories about mythical Russian election hacking.

Here are the two men exchanging views on the Russian “fake news” hack being propagated all over the discredited main stream media machine.

Credit to Greenwald who tells Stelter (at the 3:30 minute mark) that…

“On the key claims that Putin directed this hacking, and that he did so to elect Donald Trump, there is no evidence for it. Not unpersuasive evidence or inadequate evidence, no evidence. Just CIA assertions over and over, and that just simply is not enough.”

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