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Glenn Greenwald destroys US spy program, “FISA court is a joke” with 99.8% approval rate to spy on Americans (Video)

Inside the rules of spying.

The irony, the Republican congress just reauthorized the law to spy on American citizens made the entire ‘FISA Memo – Russiagate’ debacle possible.

Glenn Greenwald examines what exactly are the justified circumstances where the government can legally put surveillance on and listen in on Americans.

How often are FISA requests turned down by the secretive FISA Courts?

According to Grennwald, “almost never”…

“There is something like a 99.8% approval rate. The FISA court is a joke in terms of whether or not it provides real safeguards or oversight for how the NSA and FBI can spy on American citizens.”

“They basically rubber stamp whatever is put in front of them.”

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