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German companies declare war on Breitbart. Pull ads from the popular news site

When the liberal left began branding Breitbart as an alt-right, anti-semitic news organization, they forgot to mention that Breitbart was founded by Andrew Breitbart, a conservative media provocateur, who died in 2012, and was Jewish.


So were many of his [Andrew Breitbart] colleagues and successors, among them former Breitbart News editor-in-chief Joel Pollak and former Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro (more on him later). The site has an Israel-dedicated vertical called Breitbart Jerusalem, where its coverage and opinion content are generally in line with the hawkish end of the pro-Israel spectrum

“They say that we are ‘anti-Semitic,’ though our company was founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel,” Breitbart executives said in response to the Clinton campaign’s attack.

The above fact makes the liberal left war on Breitbart bizarre and unsubstantiated.

Since it would be impossible for a hawkish, pro-Israel news site to be anti-semitic, the only way one can explain the banning of Breitbart on Twitter and Apple’s app store is to chunk it all up to a bunch of Hillary loving sore losers, eternally hurt by the realization they are not as influential and relevant as they thought they were.

Which brings us to the latest idiots to jump on the ban Breitbart bandwagon…German corporate behemoths BMW, restaurant chain Vapiano, supermarket chain Rewe, and Deutsche Telekom…all of which announced that they are pulling their ads from the news site due to concerns about its content.

Those concerns, being that Breitbart supported Trump and not crooked Hillary. Of course the above companies will deflect, and say they are pulling ads because Breitbart is anti-semitic, misogynistic and racist…which coincidently are the same terms used to brand anyone who is not part of the Clinton cult.

Restaurant chain Vapiano said…

“The positions held by contrast with Vapiano’s values, such as openness and tolerance.”

Germany’s Deutsche Telekom (which owns T-mobile, the third-largest wireless carrier in the US) said they “very much regret” that their ads appeared on Breitbart, which “is often branded a far-right hate site.”

A representative for Deutsche Telekom stated that it “does not tolerate discriminatory actions or statements in any way” and “we reacted immediately, taken the ads off and put the site on a blacklist.”

Perhaps its best for these German companies to pour their ad budgets towards liberal left sites that line up with Hillary Clinton’s values…mainly illegal regime change, government corruption, endless war and accepting money from states that support killing women, homosexuals and Christians.

Via Zerohedge

The move by German corporations coincides with Twitter campaigns that pressure companies to cut off ad revenue to far-right outlets – the Stop Funding Hate in the UK and the Kein Geld Für Rechts (No Money for the Right) in Germany. It follows a similar decision last week, when as we reported before US cereal company Kellogg’s also pulled its ads from Breitbart, saying that its “values” were not aligned with those propagated on the website.

Breitbart, whose former executive chairman is currently Obama’s right hand man Steve Bannon, responded with a slew of anti-Kellogg’s articles, decrying the cereal company as “far-left” and calling for a boycott of its products.

The “left-wing causes and projects” backed by Kellogg’s included Save the Children Fund, the Ms. Foundation for Women, and the World Wildlife Fund, according to information presented on the site.

While it is unclear how the spat between advertisers and content providers will be resolved, and if it will ultimately see the involvement of Donald Trump as an “arbiter”, it is becoming increasingly clear that the push to starve any website that opposes mainstream media ideology has only just begun.

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