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Gennifer Flowers accepts Trump’s invitation to debate. Clinton mistress Juanita Broaddrick also wants invite

The Hillary Clinton campaign thought it was so smart inviting Mark Cuban to the debate.

The intellectually challenged Clinton campaign staff never stopped to think that by trying to troll Trump they were inviting a Trump response…and The Don is the king of comeback.

Now we have Bill Clinton’s entire black book of hook ups and affairs waiting in line to get an RSVP to the first Presidential debate…so they can all sit right next to Mr. Cuban and troll an already unstable Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, The Duran reported that in response to Hillary’s Mark Cuban invite, Trump tweeted an invite to former Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers, offering her a seat right next to Cuban.

Flowers tweeted right back to Trump and has graciously accepted The Don’s invite…

And it gets better!

The American Mirror reached out to Juanita Broaddrick, another Bill Clinton former mistress, and found out that she too is keen on attending the debate.

Perhaps Trump should reserve the entire first row for all of Bill’s former, and present hook ups

When Juanita Broaddrick heard Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers could be attending the first presidential debate as Donald Trump’s guest, she says that might be an opportunity she would welcome, too.

“Sure I would like to be at such an epic event just to look Hillary in the face,” Broaddrick exclusively tells The American Mirror.

When asked what she would say to Clinton, Broaddrick responded, “Remember me? I’m the one your husband raped and you threatened. I’m still here telling the truth and you are a liar.”

Broaddrick says then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton raped her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978 while he was campaigning for governor.

She claims after the incident, Hillary confronted her and grabbed her arm in an attempt to silence her.

While having Bill Clinton’s mistresses and alleged victims at a presidential debate would no doubt be controversial and risky for Trump, Broaddrick believes it would accomplish a serious mission.

“To remind everyone who supports her that she covered up and attacked so many women her husband sexually abused and had affairs with,” she says of what it would mean.

“She did it all for power and money. She is not for women’s rights when it comes to Bill Clinton’s victims,” Broaddrick tells The American Mirror.

Of course, we all await the invitation and appearance of Bill’s most famous fling come Monday night…a women who would surely send Hillary into a coughing panic that would last the entire 90 minutes of the debate.



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