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Gazprom beats EU witch-hunt, legal dispute (Video)

Alexander Mercouris in London: Breaks down the Gazprom – EU legal dispute.

As predicted by The Duran in our article of 3rd April 2017 ( the European Commission has dropped its legal case against the Russian monopoly natural gas supplier Gazprom.

This consolidates Russia’s and Gazprom’s position as the dominant supplier of gas to the European energy market, further securing Russia’s victory in the decade long European energy war.

As The Duran discussed previously ( Russia is the obvious supplier of cheap natural gas to Europe, able to supply much cheaper gas than the expensive liquified gas the US is offering, which is why it has won the gas war and why the European Commission was obliged to drop the case.

The Duran’s Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris revisits the EU’s legal case against Gazprom, and the stunning, yet predictable, results handed out earlier this week (that no mainstream media is reporting), which once again shows that the Russians, and Gazprom, hold all the leverage against Brussels when it comes to energy supply.

In 2015, the European Union launched a legal attack on Russian gas giant, Gazprom, accusing the company of overcharging buyers in Eastern Europe and hindering global competition.

Fast forward today, and the results of the EU’s legal challenge to Gazprom’s business activity in Europe has been resolved…and Gazprom won.

Why did this happen?

Simple. Europe needs natural gas, and Russia has that gas. No other alternative, at the moment, will rival Gazprom’s price and reliability, and that includes Trump’s pipe dream LNG tanker supply for Europe.

More importantly, Europe’s need for natural gas is growing, and this is good news for Gazprom and Russia.

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