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Galloway: Facebook Is Species Failure

“Facebook is the incorporation of Jeffrey Epstein and Larry Nassar. Ok, that’s not fair. The social network is Jeffrey Epstein and Larry Nassar… times a million.”

Survival – the pursuit of more time – is the most basic instinct. Procreation is a distant number 2. But 1a, making the most of your time, is survival instinct coupled with capitalism. Communism was intended as a more noble system — economic parity that avoids the inequality bound to arise from capitalism. Only the reds failed to recognize we won’t wait in line for fish for the benefit of our comrades. A cocktail of self-interest, cooperation, the assembly line, brand, and the processor has yielded more stakeholder value, as measured by GDP, in the last 50 years than in the previous 2,000.

Religion created a lot of value – it made people feel immortal. Time post death is an asset you’d trade shame for. But the ranks of the faithful are thinning. The opium of the masses no longer provides the same high. Wealthier, more educated societies have turned their focus to time on earth.

Any company that creates more than $10 billion in shareholder value does one of two things: extend time (more time, saving time) or enhance time.

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John Ellis
John Ellis

GLOBAL WARMING — Is it the Ultimate Evil? — Surely, for good is perpetual life, death is absolute evil and sin is the harm we do to any living thing. For we now have seven billion sinners refusing to feed the one billion least intelligent humans, most of them children, causing their destiny to be death by starvation. — For happiness is having a moral fabric of society that fosters compassion, motivates charity and in a way that best produces a grateful response. On the other hand, misery is the 25% most greedy hoarding 75% if the wealth, and the… Read more »

John Ellis
John Ellis

“Survival – the pursuit of more time – is the most basic instinct.”

Not so, for Christmas eve I shall be age 80, and though my childhood family of five knew that my good vegetarian diet was giving me a long life expectancy, they chose a 50% fat diet instead and the last one departed over 10 years ago.

For happiness is not pleasure, as it is having a moral fabric of society that fosters compassion, motivates charity and in a way that best produces a grateful response.

John Ellis
John Ellis

“Communism is economic parity, it avoids the inequality in capitalism.”

Not so, for both communism and capitalism allow the more educated upper-half of society to hoard control of all the land, wealth and political power, subjecting the slow of thought laboring-class to a living hell.
And until society is willing to except socialism without government deadly force, socialism will destroy all hope of compassion and charity producing a grateful response.
Socialism being a society without a moral fabric.

John Ellis
John Ellis

YouTube is legalized pornography on every page,
must keep right side of page covered at all times.

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