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FSB foils terrorist attacks, arrests ISIS fighters in Moscow (VIDEO)

In a report published on their website, the FSB said it detained four members of an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group on Thursday, seizing automatic firearms, explosives and parts for manufacturing IEDs.

The group “included several Tajikistan nationals and a Moldovan national who plotted a series of high-profile terrorist attacks in Moscow involving the detonation of powerful improvised explosive devices,” the report said.

The report also added that “the terrorist attacks were being plotted under a direct order of a Turkey-based affiliate of the international terrorist organization Islamic State, which is outlawed in Russia.”

The FSB also made public rare footage of an intense raid on a Moscow flat, where the terrorists were located and ultimately detained. The video of that operation is available below.

An RT report covering this story points out that Russian security forces have recently thwarted a number of ISIS-related plots on Russian soil:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the threat posed to Russian citizens by the organization, which grew in power in Iraq and Syria, is one of the key reasons why he decided to deploy the Russian military to help the Syrian government in its fight against terrorism.

According to a recent report of the Russian National Antiterrorism committee, the FSB and other law enforcement agencies has prevented 42 terrorist attacks on Russian soil this year.

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