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French Lawmaker Urges France to Impose Sanctions on Kiev for NOT Implementing Minsk Agreement

Some lawmakers in Europe are logical, fact driven people. Take French lawmaker Thierry Mariani. Here is a man who has actually read the Minsk 2 Agreement, and has come to the undeniable conclusion that sanctions must be placed on Ukraine for not adhering to one single part of the accord it signed.

Fact: Russia is not mentioned once in the Minsk 2 Agreement and is not a party to its terms.

Why the sneaky elite in Brussels continue to say that sanctions must remain on Russia until Minsk is implemented is completely misleading. Brussels logic discourages Ukraine, an actual party and signatory to Minsk 2, from carrying out the terms it is obligated to carry out, because the dumb EU leaders have tied lifting of Russian sanctions to Kiev implementing Minsk. How is that for EU logic?

Might as well place sanctions on the US as well…that is until Ukraine implements Minsk. Fair is fair, and tons of US troops and weapons were poured into Donbass to ignite the brutal civil war, not mention McCain Maidan pep rallies, and Nuland cookie parties.

Now back to French lawmaker Mariani, who rightly told Russian Izvestia newspaper on Friday…

“So far, the Verkhovna Rada has not carried out a single reform stipulated by the Minsk II accords. This is why we back the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Excuse me, but logically, there are two ways. First, anti-Russian sanctions must be lifted, and second, sanctions must be introduced against Ukraine. Because right now, Kiev is showing disrespect by failing to implement the Minsk accords. The main responsibility is with the Ukrainian side.” 

Sputnik News provides more context to Mariani’s interview…

In April, the National Assembly, France’s lower house of parliament, supported a resolution calling to lift the sanctions imposed on Russia. The French Senate will vote on the resolution on June 8. According to French lawmakers, the bill was met with almost unanimous support in the Senate Committee for the European Affairs.

The chances of the Senate approving the resolution are high, Mariani said, adding that the upper house is dominated by his opposition party The Republicans, which had a harder time pushing the resolution through the Socialist-dominated lower house.

“This resolution send a certain signal to the government…popular opinion appears to contradicts the idea of sanctions,” he stressed.


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