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France’s Marine Le Pen tells CNN, “Hillary Clinton means war”

CNN’s Hala Gorani’s will be interviewing Marine Le Pen today, where early updates say that the National Front leader will, once again, blast Hillary Clinton as the ultimate evil…she is correct.

Le Pen, the leader of the French political party National Front, praises Donald Trump during the interview, and says that “for France, anything is better than Hillary Clinton.”

CNN (often times referred to as the Clinton News Network for its staunch support of Hillary Clinton) will not be too pleased with Le Pen’s comments.

CNN reports on the upcoming interview…

In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Hala Gorani, Le Pen compared herself to Trump, observing that both of them have waged iconoclastic campaigns against their country’s political “establishment.”

“We are similar because we are not part of the establishment, we are not part of the system, and we do not depend on anybody and we don’t take orders from anyone,” she said.

Le Pen also went after Clinton, saying the former secretary of state would bring “war,” “devastation” and “instability” as president.

“For France, anything is better than Hillary Clinton. Anything but Hillary Clinton. Because I think Hillary Clinton means war. Hillary Clinton means devastation. It means world instability.”


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