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Fox News Host has nervous breakdown, warns “Volodya from Leningrad”, in Russian, to stop invading America (Video)

There is nothing more pathetic and sad than someone who hates their culture, heritage and history.

Democratic Strategist / self hating Russian, turned Fox News host, Julie Roginsky is such a person.

Not only is she suing the channel that feeds her, but she is hating on the country that gave gave her life.

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The irony to all this liberal left Russian hysteria is that the Kremlin loves such self hating Russians like Julie Roginsky or Alexei Navalny because they make the perfect useful idiots, bad mouthing Russia in such an unintelligent, incoherent and downright nutty manner that it makes Russia look good, and makes them look unhinged.

In her Fox News show called “The Clapback” (not to be confused with STD the clap) Roginsky discusses the Hilary Clinton induced, fake news investigation into Trump-Russia ties, and liberal left hysteria over the removal of James Comey at the FBI.

Roginsky opened her show speaking Russian in a mumbled tone, saying…

“Welcome to our ClapBack show with Julie Roginsky, where we protect Twitter from all the people who send us horrible, horrible things every day.”

Roginsky continued in English, explaining that reactions to the recent firing of FBI chief James Comey, as well as the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov needed special protection.

“I want to show our potential overlords that I can speak their language. Typically when they invade a country or somehow bring it into their sphere of influence, they force the natives to learn Russian. I just wanted to let them know I’ve already got that covered, they don’t have to do that, even though they are essentially taking over a government day by day as we speak, most recently with this firing of Jim Comey.”

“Let’s just point out – the day after he fired Comey, Trump met with the Russian officials in the Oval Office.”

“A Russian journalist from the TASS news agency, the official propaganda arm of the Russian government, was there to take pictures and probably drop some sketchy Russian spy ware.”

“This is not a partisan issue, we had a hostile foreign power that our intelligence agencies uniformly agreed tried and attempted to influence our elections.”

“You, democracy is stronger than you! You won’t win! Volodya from Leningrad [aka president Vladimir Putin.]”

Poor America…so weak that Russia can become their “overlords” within one simple election cycle.

And all this follows Putin “invading” Crimea, with the effect of zero casualties. Now that’s an invasion I can get behind. Especially when America spreads its “democracy” to places like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria to the tune of millions of deaths.

Maybe Roginsky would feel more comfortable with a Ukrainian passport, rubbing shoulders with the putsch neo-nazi regime that her fellow neo-liberal / neocon BFF Victoria Nuland help bring to power.

Judging by the downvote reaction on YouTube and subsequent comments, Roginsky Russian tirade was seen for what is was, a crazy woman gone senile, seeing Vladimir Putin around every corner.

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